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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I'll get it for u!

After reading Scribblez's post "I'll try it for u!", I got all nostalgic. It made me think of my post graduation days, the time at which I had maximum fun. There are lots of lovely moments to remember but one particular instance that will always stay in my mind.

During the first year, we had gone to Ooty for a trip. Almost all of my classmates had turned up for the trip and so had my seniors, so it was a really big crowd and we were having a lot of fun. We had only three days for the trip, but still enjoyed every minute we could. The trip went on great and by the end of the 3 days, most of us were exhausted and almost all had run out of cash because of the shopping.

Just before we were to start back, we went for our last round of shopping, rather window shopping. I was hanging out with 3 of my good friends, all guys btw, and we were going from one shop window to another, just staring at the display. At a particular jewellery display, I stopped and was gazing at a pretty pendant. It had a oval green stone in between two well designed leaves.I really wanted to get it, but knew i had no money. While I was staring at it, one of my friends asked me if I liked it. I said yes. He asked me why i am not buying it. I told him rather sadly that I didnt have money enough to buy it. After this we just moved on and continued our window shopping.

Later that day, we were all on the way back and had boarded the train to get back to Chennai. After the usual commotion, we all had settled and the train started. I had meanwhile fallen sick having eaten some junk food. So i was totally down and feeling a lot of pain in my stomach. My friend, who had earlier seen me admiring the pendant, came and sat next to me. He said he had something for me and he opened his palm to show a brown paper package. Not knowing what to expect, I took the packet from him and started unfolding it. And to my utter surprise, inside the crumpled little brown paper packet was the same pendant that I had wanted so much. I didnt know what to say. I was so delighted and happy to get it.

What I didnt know then and later found out from other friends was that he had bought it by borrowing money from the others, for he himself didnt have cash. I was really touched. Now, there is an undercurrent that I didnt mention. This person was really special to me, for me he was my closest friend! I liked him very much but so far didnt have any romantic feeling towards him. So to have got a surprise like this from his was indeed double special. What I didnt know at that time was I would one day fall in love with him and eventually marry him!!

That pendant did a lot more than just make me happy, it helped me find my soulmate. But unfortuanetly, the pendant didnt stay with me long. The pendant was stolen along with some other jewellery from my house. I was so upset on losing the pendant and felt like I was going to lose my friend too. But fortunately losing the pendant only got me closer to him.

This was probably the best surprise I have ever had. And I will remember it forever. As I was writing this, I was consulting my husband on the facts for I have a big problem remembering details. He must have pretty much guessed why I was asking so many questions.

My dear husband , I love u!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

The movie Krrish and an Identity crisis!!

Had been to the movie "Krrish" today. First something about the movie - I liked it very much- was entertaining and well made. Special effects were superb. Some scenes reminded me of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (by now, u know which scenes!!) but the effects were apt and well wrapped with the story. The movie has been shot in India and in Singapore.

The things I liked in the movie

1) even though it is a superhero storyline, the sequel to "Koi mil gaya" is believe-able. the story is strong, well fabricated.

2) evergreen and sexy rekha as hrithik's grandmom :)

3) the stunts are simply too good. Hollywood style thrills in a Indian flavour.

4)the locations are superb. Be it India or Singapore the locations were well chosen and the beauty well explored.

5) the songs are very good. esp liked the koi tum sa nahin, pyaar ki ek kahani

6) its simple, sweet and simply superb.

and the BIGGEST of all reasons, Hrithik rocks!!!!!!!!! The guy is handsome, a great dancer, and acts well too.

Krrish is definitely worth a watch. I think this movie has shown what intelligent narration and creative technology can do to simple story line. Its high time such technologies are put to good use. One important thing to note, the tamil movie Boys had already started the trend of using technology like the time slice technique, the matrix effect with 62 cameras in tow for a love song and a fully animated 3D effect characters for another. But unfortunately India means Bollywood so innovations in regional movies are not very well appreciated, rather go unnoticed in tinsel town Mumbai.

Now for the next part, the identity crisis! As I came out of the movie theatre, a singaporean muslim lady happened to be walking out with me. She started by asking me if I liked the movie. I said I did. Then she told me that she didnt have any idea the movie was being shot here in Singapore. I was not surprised, people here never do get the time to do anything other than offense but I think people here work a little too hard :) As I was thinking this, the lady's next comment surprised me. She said "The film only shows Chinese people as Singaporeans, why didnt they show Indians and Malays. We are also Singaporeans." I didnt know what to say. I politely excused myself and joined my group.

Now, thinking about that lady i am wondering where lies the problem. As a outsider I will never know what it is she felt. One thing I do know the movie was not meant to be a cultural encylopedia for Singapore, but more like a tourism promotion. Why should someone feel this way??? Singapore is a multi racial, multi cultural society and as far as I have noticed there is NO racial discrimination, no issues with culture. The majority people here are chinese so obviously the cross section of people u meet are primarily chinese.

BTW This is a serious issue, by mentioning it in my blog, I just want answers to my question. This is not to demean or belittle anyone. This question for me is plain pschyology.............nothing political.

Another question is do u take a movie so seriously that u analyze every detail and think about it. When I see a movie, its part of entertainment. The movie can make me laugh, cry, think and even put me to sleep. I dont search for any inner meaning or motive. But I have heard of people taking movies very seriously. Some go to the extreme of living out movie characters. This is a big topic in itself, I will discuss this later. Right now, its bed time. Me off to bed with a lot of questions in my head.

Friday, June 23, 2006


Me saw a real Lamborghini.............yahoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, me back to normal now. Am not crazy about cars, but i do have a fancy for some of them. Top on my list is a lamborghini. Kya car hai!!!!!!! (*sigh*)

Yday i had been to a hotel visiting a relative and there in the parking lot just outside the main entrance was a silver grey lamborghini. At First I didnt realise that it was my dream car, cos u dont expect to find one in a hotel parking lot. In india, u dont get to hear about this car, so seeing it in india is like no chance!! I was so hyper on seeing it that I wanted to take a snap. But then I remembered that I was in a hotel and it would look very stupid. No other choice than to move on. Unfortunately when I returned the car was nowhere to be seen.

Wish I had taken a snap instead of thinking of manners *big sigh*

Maybe next time.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A few of my favourite things

The mellow sun shining through soft white curtains
The early morning dew drops on newly blossomed flowers

The glorious blue sky merging with the deep blue ocean
The white fluffy clouds floating across

The fresh smell of earth after rain
The elusive rainbow dancing in glory

The pretty bunch of red roses waiting to be taken
The neatly wrapped presents all a surprise

The blushing cheeks of a embarassed lover
The reassuring smile of a faithful partner

The soft red cheeks of a new born
The innocent smile of a toddler

The lustful licks of a beloved pet
The irresistible smell of mom's cooking

Imagine all this, does it bring a smile on your face? It does to me, even if am feeling down, these will definitely cheer me up! These are a few of my favourite things.

Please add on to this list and share what makes u smile.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Daddy thank you!!

I generally dont believe in days like Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, etc, etc. But today am using this Father's Day, to say thank you to my dad - which I havent done for a long time.

My dad has always been special to me, more than anybody in my family. I share a strange love-hate bond with him, it is him that i am most scared of and him that i most look up to. He has always wanted the best for me, I never understood that initially. I always opposed his choice for me, but now I realise because of him, I am where I am. Am thankful that he did what he did for me and my family. He has always wanted the best for me and also stood by me when I needed him most.

I remember when we were building our house, me and my dad used to visit the site to check upon things and to water the foundations. My dad suffered from back problems, yet he used to bend over the well to pull water without even a pulley. These were the times when I really stepped back and observed him, learnt from him, appreciated him.

If i like reading books, it is because he encourage that habit. I love National Geographic, Discovery and other nature channels all because he encouraged us to learn more. He used to take us sisters to the beach and to playgrounds, spend lots of time talking about current happenings and history. He taught me the importance of being in touch with the world.

My dad shaped me, am proud of him and thankful to him. There is so much more to say, but in the end just two words "Thank You!"

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Weird habits

Some ppl have weird habits, some ppl r plain weird. I often wonder why and how these habits came by.

I have noticed ppl picking up a carton of milk or a can of juice from the back of the shelf, when all the cartons and cans will have the same expiry date. I find it real strange. Not one or two, but i have noticed a lot of ppl do this.

Some ppl have the habit of storing things in a particular order and if by chance somebody messes up, they will get upset. Some ppl have the habit of cleaning too much, something like washing hands too often, dusting too often, double washing clothes. Its a real irritating habit.

I had this weird habit of always watching tv when i have to study for major exams....much to the displeasure of my parents. somehow it helped me concentrate better but cant explain why.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Moon up close.

Yesterday was full moon, and for the first time I saw the moon through a binoculars. It was an amazing sight. Up close the beauty of the moon is so tantalizing, a bright ball against the backdrop of the deep blue sky. Could see some of the craters too. Wow! anybody having a binocular should try this, its beautiful. Basking in the moonlight the clouds looked a eerie gloomy pink, a very different shade from the usual white.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

fresh after rain

Friday, June 09, 2006

come out shining.

there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Monday, June 05, 2006

Six Weird Things About Me ! I have been Tagged!!

What I need to do:

1..Post a blog with six weird things about myself.
2..Tag six people at the end of my post, victimize them unawares and pass the buck.
3..Post a comment in their blogs letting them know that they have been tagged.and ask them to visit my blog for info.

I have been tagged by Starry Nights, so here is my list

1) I get paranoid when i see closely spaced holes esp like the beehive or a crop of insect eggs....gosh, just writing this is getting to me! I start to itch and scratch. Dont know when this started or why, its ju$st there.

2) I have a knack of solving issues in my dreams.........seriously! More than once i have found solutions for my problems through dreams. Maybe i think of the issue so much that i even dream abt it.

3) I keep getting hurt in the same way, in the same place always. I trip over the simplest of things, hit against the wall for no apparent reason. I get cut by the bluntest of instruments like lids and spoons. Initially my husband didnt want me to enter the kitchen, but now he is used to this and is always ready with a plaster in hand when i shout for help! :)

4) I talk faster than i think, atleast that's what ppl around me always say!

5) I am very afraid of looking down from afraid that i dont even go to the edge. During a college trip, we had gone to a spot called Dolphin Nose in Kodaikanal. All my friends were walking into the pillar of rock projecting out of the hill, and I refused to budge from the van!! They were so angry with me, still i couldnt get myself to go there.

6) I didnt like posing for photographs, i always felt i dont look good in them. Now, I have slowly got over this feeling.

I am going to tag IyerEducation(excluded), Harjee, Ajay Surve, Enchanted Mind, Chikuado, Mocking Spirit and Keshi.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Colors of the sky!