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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Night Shots

Had a great day today! Got to take loads of photo and also learnt a lot of new tricks in night photography, thanks to my hubby!

Also went to the Asian Civilization Museum, a great place with some good exhibits. But didnt take any shots.

Here are some snapshots of Singapore (Evening and Night Shots).

Monday, September 18, 2006

dark and moody

Took these snaps just now.......the cold wind is howling through my window, the clouds are gathering, soon it will every monsoon day.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Interview Blues

I have this real problem with interviews, I just dont seem to get out of this fear. Actually this fear is bugging me so much that I thought i will write about it and see if that helps. Sometimes pouring out helps.

Cant really pinpoint why this started but I did have 2 experiences where I was roasted, toasted and finally left wondering "do i really know something?". The first was a panel interview at ISRO where 9 ppl were firing questions at me and i couldnt answer many questions. And to top it all, when one guy asked me why I applied for this post, I replied......."I was jobless so applied"- I couldnt believe i said that!!!! Second was an interview which was meant for elimination....and believe me it was. The questions asked were totally from areas i didnt specialize in and also it was a phone interview and I was totally uncomfortable. I was totally devastated after that, it made me feel so worthless.

Its not like I dont know anything and that's why I fear being interviewed, I know am kind of fine when it comes to technical stuff. Am good at communication too. Then, what is it that I really fear? I fear that when I dont know something that is asked, what impression will that person have!!! I keep thinking about whether the person will think that am not competent and in this process loose concentration. Many ppl have told me that its better to say you dont know than cook up something, and I agree. But i get so tongue-tied when i dont know the answer, and from then on its like a big tension. I keep thinking of that and fail to move on.

I feel so miserable being like this! This is now affecting my chances of getting a job. Many ppl have told me its 30% technical knowledge and 70% communication is what wins an interview. I think am quite good at communication skills but all that fails when am in an interview. I literally get a panic attack. I have read about interview skills, heard ppl on how to tackle it and it looks easy but when I actually need to do it, I somehow cant!!

How do i get over this fear......? I dont exactly know but am trying. This time I have decided come what may (that's what my husband says....) am attending any interview i get and going to give my best. I hope soon i can throw this fear out and be the confident me that I am ..........expect when am in an interview.

Friday, September 08, 2006

I love Steve Irwin! to hell with Germaine Greer!!

Sometimes people forget all the good that was done and instead keep complaining and criticizing other ppl. Take the case of Steve Irwin, some ppl (feel like calling them fools but then fools are ignorant....these are not!!) and in particular this writer Germaine Greer have sneered at Irwin and called him names. This man did so much for the animals and for the cause of conservation, atleast more than this lady did!! How can ppl be so mean to others esp someone who passed away? Do they think they will be thought of as good men/women after their death? No way. Steve was and will be highly respected for his work and will always be remembered as the lovable, bubbly person he always was.

Its so heart breaking to see communities like "I hate Steve Irwin" in orkut. What the hell did he do to you? If he was loud so what? he named his daughter bindi so what's ur prb? Steve did takes risks but he didnt murder or rape anyone to be outraged and sneer at him. After all every one has their wild side, and as long as the intentions are good, you shouldnt be bothered abt anything esle. But no, these ppl are so sadistic that they will never appreciate others nor will do anything themselves. Its just a mean way to get publicity.

What Steve did in his short life was very comendable work! No one can question it, and esp not anyone like Germaine . You dont like someone stay away, dont bad mouth anyone, no one gave u the right to do it.

I absolutely loved this article in support of Steve..... article link.
Thanks to this author a fitting reply was given to those who have criticized Steve.

P.S: Was very upset on reading those articles against Steve so this post. Its so sad ppl have forgotten to even respect the dead.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

For you my dear husband....

One year has passed since we said "I do" , a full year of ups and downs, lot of travelling and loads of fun. We have learnt to live with each other, forgive each others mistakes and in the process we have learnt a lot. Words cant express how happy and lucky I feel to have you in my life.

Happy Anniversary hubby dear! This is just the begining we have a long way to go!!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Tribute to Steve Irwin.

I Will miss you Steve!

Steve died today morning while filming underwater after being stung by a stingray barb.


Saturday, September 02, 2006


Clicked the above snap when a bumble bee was "visiting" the orchid! Loved it absolutely!!

This beautiful red dragon fly kept coming back to this spot waiting for me take a snap and then it vanished.

My visit to the Orchid garden was really too good. Loved the flowers with their vibrant colors and shapes.

Friday, September 01, 2006


There are times when you want to just clamp up and go into a shell. you dont feel like being responsible, dont feel like answering anyone. Knowing very well this will not solve any problems, you do it. Do it just so you feel satisfied. You end up hurting loved ones but dont want to stop because you just cant, you get carried away. But after a while, you know its not working. You come out of it and start afresh, start again from scratch. It pains, its difficult, but yet it has to be done. Such times come and go, and you learn as you grow. Another day in life, another lesson learnt.