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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thoughts of a mother.

Its been 7 months since my lil darling was born, and each day has taught me new things - about her, about myself, about my spouse, about motherhood and mostly about life! There is absolutely nothing more precious than one's kids.

Though I love kids a lot, I find them real cute - why is it that I find my daughter more beautiful than any other kid I see...that's they inherent fault of motherhood, I guess. Some may not dare admit it, but I think all mothers have this feeling for their children.

My lil sugar bum has started sitting recently...and looks like she loves it...she just wants to keep doing just that. It may be a wonderful new experience for her, but for me, its time to pull out every pillow I have and build a fortress for her. There are so many hidden fears that are hard to put to rest. Everytime I see my lil one wobbling as she tries to sit properly, I want to rush and help her - but I stop myself, she has to learn things herself. All I can do is provide a safe and happy environment for her.

I admit, am not a patient person. I want things done "right now!". But as my daughter is teaching me now, a baby cannot do things on demand...she has her own mind and will. It is I who needs to go according to her.
After all, its me who needs to grow up first :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

On Being a new mom....

Its surprising how much one can do faced with new challenges. I never used to think i can handle housework and a baby all by myself. It used to scare me no end when I was pregnant, but now it seems like I just worried too much. Nature has its way of equipping u with what is needed - whether that is giving u that extra energy or the loads of patience!! More than all this what u need is the positive mentality to handle all that comes ur way. Am thankful for the wonderful family support I have, without it I dont think i would have reached so far.

Though its one of the most gratifying things to be a can also be one of the most punishing jobs. Just when u feel like taking a nap, ur kiddo will scream her lungs out....or in the middle of the night get hyper active and start playing....!! Not only these, lots more things happen when u have a baby around...and my baby is just 3 months...there is more to come. I know I need to take it all in the stride and deal with it. Each day is a learning experience and a very humbling experience too.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New beginnings...

In these past 8 months that I havent blogged, a lot has changed. First, I went through a lovely phase of being pregnant and delivering my first child, a beautiful girl. And now, I have started a whole new chapter of my life with my new role as a mother.

Rite now, am just so thankful for all the things in my life - a wonderful, understanding husband, a lovely daughter and a loving family. My little bundle of joy has changed my life forever. Now, its no more just about me, its now about us :) By reviving this blog, I hope to continue sharing my thoughts and like any typical mother am gonna be talking baby all the time....he he!!! That's unavoidable I guess.

Like the many phases in my life, my blog too has its phases, of activity and absence. There is so much happening in my life now, so its only appropriate that I start blogging again.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sad Sad happenings...

Its so sad to read abt the recent Germany and Alabama shootings....seriously heart wrenching!! Around the world, there seems to be such senseless brutality against innocent ppl like in Mumbai. Whether it is a individual gone crazy or a whole organization, ultimately inncoent families are the victims. I cant even begin to imagine how the families are handling such tragedies. We can only pray and hope such events dont occur in future.

God bless those families, and give them the strength to handle the situation.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Interesting Read.

Was reading the morning news when I came across this article.....

Definitely thought provoking and interesting!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time hi time hai!

Aha, the luxury of being at home. No bosses, no deadlines, no meetings, no scurried lunch on and so forth! Now, there is time...and time for everything esp my favourite passtime - watcing clouds.

The weather nowadays is so volatile here that it makes good timepass. There is bright sunshine in the mornings and suddenly there are thunderstorms in the afternoon, complete with the dark, menacing clouds and the incredibly loud wind, and in the evenings it back to normal as if nothing ever happened.

This is not something new to S'pore but I am still amazed at how quickly the weather changes. Yesterday's "super heavy and super fast" rain almost flooded my living room! Rite now the place looks so sunny and bright but the forecast says thunderstorms and I am just waiting for that to start - a nice excuse to have hot soup!

That apart, the one good thing that has happened after I left my job, is that I am cooking regularly and guess what, enjoying it too! I never knew some of my fav dishes were so easy to make. And the icing on the cake was the visit to Kerala, where I picked up some simple yet tasty dishes to make. I never usually cooked for other ppl (except ofcourse my hubby who eats whatever I make, however I make), but recently we have started inviting ppl home and experimenting on them. Its almost like giving an exam, making Kerala food and serving it to a Keralite. But I guess I passed.

Now, I am scouring through websites to make interesting items...what a change from a person who was satisfied with the same dish for every meal! I really hope this habit stays.

P.S: Just realized this I had written something similar abt being at home at long time ago....Yawn-continued

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Changing times and tough decisions.

There's recession everyone and touching everyone. Its been a tough last 4-5weeks - a holiday which turned to extended medical leave, a loved one's accident, a resignation and loads of stress. But now all that's behind me, and the decision is made. I have chosen not to continue my contract with this MNC I used to work just didnt feel right. If after being totally dedicated to the job, the mgmt doesnt care if u exist or not...what's the point in continuing in such a env! I just hate office politics!!!!

The essential prb in me is that I give in my 100% and expect the same back from everyone and everything.....doesnt always work...i know...and now am slowly getting used to the idea. Why cant ppl take you for what you are as a person, rather than as a resource??? Anyways there is no point in me getting hyper abt this...all is done and now they must have easily replaced me with somebody else...or better still they must have given my job as a multitasking challenge to some poor wannabe!!! Anything goes nowadays....its recession that's the only excuse!!!!

Now is time for me to do something different...even if that is being a housewife ...all over again. Its just in me to take these breaks....good for me. Am going to enjoy every bit of this time I get for myself and for the little one who is coming soon. :)

And good thing I wrote this post way after all this happened. If it had been at that stressful time, I sure would have vented out much more. Alls for the good.