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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Changing times and tough decisions.

There's recession everyone and touching everyone. Its been a tough last 4-5weeks - a holiday which turned to extended medical leave, a loved one's accident, a resignation and loads of stress. But now all that's behind me, and the decision is made. I have chosen not to continue my contract with this MNC I used to work just didnt feel right. If after being totally dedicated to the job, the mgmt doesnt care if u exist or not...what's the point in continuing in such a env! I just hate office politics!!!!

The essential prb in me is that I give in my 100% and expect the same back from everyone and everything.....doesnt always work...i know...and now am slowly getting used to the idea. Why cant ppl take you for what you are as a person, rather than as a resource??? Anyways there is no point in me getting hyper abt this...all is done and now they must have easily replaced me with somebody else...or better still they must have given my job as a multitasking challenge to some poor wannabe!!! Anything goes nowadays....its recession that's the only excuse!!!!

Now is time for me to do something different...even if that is being a housewife ...all over again. Its just in me to take these breaks....good for me. Am going to enjoy every bit of this time I get for myself and for the little one who is coming soon. :)

And good thing I wrote this post way after all this happened. If it had been at that stressful time, I sure would have vented out much more. Alls for the good.