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Thursday, March 27, 2008

No time to spare a thought...

No time and no heart! What started out as a normal week, has now started me thinking on how some ppl dont give a damn about others. Few incidents this week got me going... First on Monday, I was getting my usual fruit juice no ice (well, in singapore u get more ice than juice! so u pay 50 cents extra for no ice...) and I noticed the stall lady adding ice, so I pointed out clearly that I didnt want ice. But the lady just continued to make the juice. I asked her why she added ice but all i got was a steely look and cos others were lining up she wanted me to move on. I too didnt want to start a fight as i was in a hurry so I moved on. Now, I pay 50 cents more and i get juice with ice and fruits seeds, great!

Next yesterday, I was at another stall getting juice (now that I had decided not to go back to the previous one) and this time the lady cooly cut the apples along with the seeds and stem and even the know the ones stuck on the apples to show the supplier.....! Now, I didnt want to be rude, so I politely told the lady about the stickers...but to my surprise, she didnt stop. I lost it then. I had to raise my voice and tell her I didnt want the juice...only then did she take notice.She took some more apples and even showed me the apples in anger. What a grouchy way to serve a customer.

These r just a sample, there have been to many others but no point writing abt them. Just because we r polite some ppl take us for granted. Not only that there is no sincerity in the work they do too. Its so irritating to encounter such ppl. But one thing is there, am sure learning how to do deal with people.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Jodhaa Akbar - Wonderful

Went to watch Jodhaa Akbar this weekend, and boy am I glad I did! Before going to the movie, this time I made sure I didnt read any reading a reivew is like reading the whole fun! Even then I had loads of expectations - first its a ashuthosh movie....after watching lagaan and swades, i wont expect anything less than spectacular. second, a very good cast (read as hrithik ;)] and crew r involved...performance should be good. third (rather should be first hmmmm.....) arrahman music......pure ecstasy what more can i say?

And what I got in Jodhaa Akbar was a lot more than I expected. Wonderfully directed story, superb - heart warming performance and exceptional music. Its like everything good fell into place.

I especially was blown away by hrithik's look and mannerism....felt like I was actually looking at a king. Some actors just fit into any role with easy....that's why they r special. Apart from drooling over hrithik's good looks, I also loved his acting. My fav scene is one where hrithik gets up and joins the sufi dancers (khwaja mere khwaja) - something totally mesmerizing abt that scene...with all that sufi music and good acting.

Ashuthosh didnt fail to deliver too. The scenes between akbar and jodhaa during the courtship after marriage are very well done....the naughtiness and passion is well potrayed. He has chosen his characters well...I cant dare imagine anyone else as akbar or jodhaa. Though ila arun rocked as maham anga...i would have liked to see shabana azmi or kiran kher in that role. Sonu sood was also a good choice for sujamal.

ARR's music...well what can I say that hasnt been told before...nothing. Rehman is a magician, a genius. His music is soul stirring....totally soothing. I have been listening to the songs over and over again for the past week...and havent yet got bored. Fav would be khwaja mere khawaja instrumental and then In Lamho ke daman mein.

Ok with all this good things to say, let me also add some points I didnt like....the gory war scenes with elephant's on rampage (i know it was needed for the story, but still...) and sometimes the pace of the story went slow. Otherwise a very good watch.