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Friday, November 27, 2009

On Being a new mom....

Its surprising how much one can do faced with new challenges. I never used to think i can handle housework and a baby all by myself. It used to scare me no end when I was pregnant, but now it seems like I just worried too much. Nature has its way of equipping u with what is needed - whether that is giving u that extra energy or the loads of patience!! More than all this what u need is the positive mentality to handle all that comes ur way. Am thankful for the wonderful family support I have, without it I dont think i would have reached so far.

Though its one of the most gratifying things to be a can also be one of the most punishing jobs. Just when u feel like taking a nap, ur kiddo will scream her lungs out....or in the middle of the night get hyper active and start playing....!! Not only these, lots more things happen when u have a baby around...and my baby is just 3 months...there is more to come. I know I need to take it all in the stride and deal with it. Each day is a learning experience and a very humbling experience too.


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