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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time hi time hai!

Aha, the luxury of being at home. No bosses, no deadlines, no meetings, no scurried lunch on and so forth! Now, there is time...and time for everything esp my favourite passtime - watcing clouds.

The weather nowadays is so volatile here that it makes good timepass. There is bright sunshine in the mornings and suddenly there are thunderstorms in the afternoon, complete with the dark, menacing clouds and the incredibly loud wind, and in the evenings it back to normal as if nothing ever happened.

This is not something new to S'pore but I am still amazed at how quickly the weather changes. Yesterday's "super heavy and super fast" rain almost flooded my living room! Rite now the place looks so sunny and bright but the forecast says thunderstorms and I am just waiting for that to start - a nice excuse to have hot soup!

That apart, the one good thing that has happened after I left my job, is that I am cooking regularly and guess what, enjoying it too! I never knew some of my fav dishes were so easy to make. And the icing on the cake was the visit to Kerala, where I picked up some simple yet tasty dishes to make. I never usually cooked for other ppl (except ofcourse my hubby who eats whatever I make, however I make), but recently we have started inviting ppl home and experimenting on them. Its almost like giving an exam, making Kerala food and serving it to a Keralite. But I guess I passed.

Now, I am scouring through websites to make interesting items...what a change from a person who was satisfied with the same dish for every meal! I really hope this habit stays.

P.S: Just realized this I had written something similar abt being at home at long time ago....Yawn-continued


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