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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Nothing and Everthing

What is going on in my life? Nothing and Everything. Come to think of it, one moment I am thinking of the slow pace of my life and the very next, am in a frenzy and too many things are happening - one of those "so many things to do but what to do when" moment. Life sure is funny, it seems to throw a lot at you at the least expected time. You want to make a decision and you have almost made it, but then comes along another avenue or another option; only to make you more confused. Why god, why?

I'm just thinking out loud today. Sometimes I wonder if we control our fate or is it the other way. I have met some people who are so much in control of their life and they seem to know the trick of decision making. How do they do it, I wonder! Dont they have the confusions and frustrations like I face? Well, its all a part of growing up. Some learn it quicker and faster than others.....and so those are the ones who actually achieve what they want.

Hmmmm.....enough confusing myself and whoever else is reading this. Lets just forget all this and get back to being confused and frustrated


At 12:09 pm , Blogger Ranjith said...

Nice Post !!! But Please delete it !!!

Cheers Ranjith

At 1:52 pm , Blogger SamY said...

** Lets just forget all this and get back to being confused and frustrated

I like that :). he he.

as for achievers, I guess they are just hell persistent.


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