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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Frozen clocks....and human spirits

Time is definitely moving pretty fast, its already end of Novemeber and I somehow have this feeling am still in August.....! There are times when the day passes so quickly that I dont seem to remember what day of the week it is,or that I missed somebody's birthday until my loyal phone cries its heart out...!

The only "slow time" is possibly during my long train journey to my office...its about 45 mins but feels like eternity. But am thankful I have atleast that time for sit and think, to observe, to laugh about some funny things i see.

Its fun watching all those people in the train - most of them with their "am the busiest person in the world" body language, all those business suits and high heels, and of course all those ipods, iphones and mobiles wired to their ears.....each person is interesting in their own way. Sometimes i find myself looking at people and wondering what's going on through their minds at that moment...are they thinking like me, judging me...may be or may be not.

Human scary at times.


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