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Sunday, August 10, 2008


Right from the start of August month I have been excited about the Olympics. And so when the opening ceremony started, I was aboslutely thrilled. Sat glued to the TV all night and wow! what an opening it was.

A lot has been said about China's human rights record, Tibet and Darfur and most of all pollution levels but all that aside Olympics is Olympics. And China proved the dragon has truly arrived. The opening ceremony was proof the Chinese are hardworking, dedicated and most of all it shows the level of patriotism and pride each Chinese has. Well, I am neither a rights activist nor a Chinese lobbyist...I am just a common perosn viewing the Games. What I saw during the opening ceremony truly moved me, be it the expectacular fireworks, the whole concept of the games or the sheer size and volume of the whole Games itself. China has truly shown the world how its done.

But its sad to see the western media try and totally discredit the efforts. They have made it a political propaganda. Whatever else the true spirit of the Games is to compete with all fairness everthing else is secondary. This topic is so political that you just cant escape touching upon the issues.

Anyways coming to the Indian contingent, truly disappointing to see the women in tracks...looks like they were doing us a favour being a part of the parade. They could have done a lot better...looking at these people, we should have been inspired but yet nothing happened. Personally I have no expectations but if someone does make it, it will be wonderful.

Good thing Monday is a holiday, I get to see some of the fav sports...gymastics and synchronized swimming. Just waiting for that.


At 3:29 pm , Blogger SamY said...

media ain't too different anywhere ... the pick the most insignificant reason and make a propaganda out'a it ... one word for em - "J"

And yes, somehow people in most asian countries (barring india perhaps) seem to take great pride in their nation.

The only times when Indians take such pride is during cricket / war or when someone starts talking of culture :p.


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