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Thursday, April 20, 2006

*Yawn* .... continued

Agreed i get to sleep a lot and its enviable.....but guess what...I got nothing else to do! Now more than ever I feel the need to organize my life. Got loads of time on my hands but nothing to do, well apart from normal daily chores. Its not easy sitting at home if u r a busy body.

I see it this way

- read lots of books
- get lots of sleep
- learn cooking ....seriously *wink*
- blog
- sit back and review life ....hmmmmm

- can't make money
- get bored
- empty mind is devils' workshop.........*evil grin*

Am thinking......deep thinking..........hey wait *yawn* there it is again, *yawn* sleep.......


At 1:55 PM , Blogger TLW said...

I dont see any point in the -ves as long as you have a plan...

For example, cant make money? R u sure.....hey cmon, there are loads of ways to make an income from home....

Boy, I wldnt get bored if I were you.....bcos after so long I realised you never get time that you have lost on any account !! Make all you can !!!

At 2:05 PM , Blogger Aarthi Bharath said...

Are you sure you cannot make money from home? Maybe you have not thought about getting into the portfolio management business. You do not need to sit at office to do this. Get some base money to start off. Study the market and invest in stocks that you speculate will do good.

It is a wonderful area to be in if you would like to sit at the comfort of your home and still make money. Think about it....


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