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Monday, August 28, 2006

Weekend Workout Part 2

This lovely stain glass piece is the center piece of the dome at the entrance. Truly superbly done.

There were some interesting birds like the African crown crane (above) who kept poking into the bags of visitors and was very interested in the ruffle of plastic esp the chips packet. Gave us a quiet a good pose though. And this parrot(below) who kept hanging upside down all the time and came close to where we were to strike this pose. I think it was very fascinated by the blinking red light of my camera anyways there was also competition for the others too joined in.

There were some nice swings and benches all over the place so it was good to sit down and absorb the beautiful surroundings. BTW there's also a huge man made waterfall, supposedly the largest man made water fall in Asia. By the end of the day we were all exhausted from the walking but the excitement was still there.

Nature always amazes me, the variety and the individuality is so interesting. Going to a zoo or bird park or even a botanical garden is probably the best thing I would like to do on a holiday. Its better than any shopping :)

Weekend Workout Part 1

Nah, its not that I finally made it out of the couch and into the gym. But yes I did have a good workout by walking through the winding paths of the Jurong Bird Park here. Went there with friends and had a great time. Its an ideal place to spend the day off - quiet and serene, well, except for the constant chatter of the parakeets in the distance.

The park is quiet big and has an impressive collection of birds and its well planned out. My first visit was some 4-5 months back, and all I did then was click snaps, forgetting to enjoy nature. This time I knew what was coming so I took it nice and slow. There is a monorail that takes ppl around but we preferred to walk, I find it more personal this way.

Bonding with nature is a real special thing, it brings out the kid in all of us. At the bird show there was a parrot that was singing in 3 languages, most of us were watching it in awe. It was amazing to see those intelligent birds and to be trained so well, that's too good. The trainers really deserve a lot of praise, I guess u need lots of patience and dedication to get these birds to do perform. If you have a pet, you will definitely agree that training is no easy thing.

One important thing for me in this trip was that I held a wild bird in my hand - a Malay Eagle Owl.[In the snap above] Ok I had to pay for it but it was an experience I really wanted to try out and am happy I did it. Its scary and at the same time I was amazed by the bird. This was at the second bird show, the show for birds of prey and gosh, it was a exciting one. The huge eagles and vultures flew just inches above our heads in trained precision. The show was a good one, lot of information about the birds and their natural abilities.

I particularly enjoyed the lory loft where the lorries (of the parrot family i guess) interact with the visitors in the walk-in aviary. Its a nice place with feeding towers and connecting suspension bridges. The birds themselves are so bright coloured and in so many sizes. Some ppl there even had the luck of having the birds jump up to their heads and shoulders during the feeding. We tried to trick some birds into jumping on to us but no, these birds know the difference between feed and water. One bird had taken a fancy for coke so one of the visitors was enjoying feeding it with a straw.

Will continue in the next post as blogger is not allowing me to add more photos............

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Clouds, Greenery and views from a plane

Here are some snaps I took from the plane during my India Trip. Absolutely loved the sugar candy clouds and the varied landscape views.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Good Days and Bad Days and then there are Disasters!!

Yesterday was a disaster!! One thing after another bombed, cant believe how one could have so much bad luck in a day, rather in one evening!?!?!?

Well, the day went of quiet as usual in solitude. I had this urge to try glass painting ever since I had seen my SIL's framed paintings. So here I was equipped with the right accessories ready to prove that I could do it too. After an hour and a half, I finally managed to finish a detailed piece on a trial transperancy sheet and was telling myself, "Not bad not bad at all." Just as I was taking it (very carefully ) to let it dry, a sudden gush of wind sent it flying out of my hand. And plop, the sheet lay upside down with the wet paint sticking to the ground. Cursing my luck I picked it up and tried to salvage what was left, and thankfully was able to get i back to a decent shape. Cleaned up the mess and I decided to myself, next time on, I will remember to close all windows and doors!

A little while later, it was time to cook and I was browsing the net to find some interesting dishes and found a Kerela avial dish. Luckily (what a pun!) I had all the necessary stuff at home so I happily started making the avial. By the time it was finishing I was sure something was wrong, either too much water or i had missed something. So I decided to pep it up a bit by adding tamarind, and that was it, my biggest mistake! In the end the dish tasted like a boiled veggie soup.

In the meanwhile, my husband had returned from office and both of us were in a really "out of the mind" state, he from his office affairs and me from all the bad luck! What started as a little chasing around game between us, ended up with me breaking something he is really attached to. And he isnt attached to a lot of things I should say. This left me in tears feeling really bad about the whole day.

I wonder how sometimes we have all the bad luck in a very short period of time. Once one thing goes wrong, so many other things follow. Its so irritating and frustrating when this happens. I am just hoping this doesnt continue, for it does am sure to go crazy.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Evening Shots

Me back to base, but not in form. Rite now am in a total mess. Cold and cough has certainly left me irritated and dull. I personally find it really irritating to have a cold, anything else seems ok at this time. Having already used up one whole box of tissues, I wonder when I will be free of this cold. Hope to be back in full form soon.