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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Where Eagles Dare (1968)

Was thinking of some old movies that I watched recently and enjoyed, and the first one that jumped to mind was - Where Eagles Dare.

Where Eagles Dare is one classic movie. The story is about a group of british and american (a.k.a allied) officers who raid a nazi stronghold somewhere in the cold alpine to recuse an American General, during WWII. What makes up the suspense is the presence of a traitor in the group. The story, originally a novel, was written by Alistair MacLean and the movie stars a very handsome Richard Burton, a very young Clint Eastwood and a score of others.

The movie has a definite charm and a lot of thrills too. Stunts on the alpine cable car are memorable, there is a motorcycle chase with eastwood and burton set a trail of explosives which was very good and ....nail biting too *wink*. Its a all time feel good war movie and u shouldnt miss this one.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Woke up to the noise of pest control guys scaring away crows from the trees. I dont know what the problem is with crows here....when pigeons and sparrows are allowed, why not crows?

Happened to watch two movies related to Robin Williams recently, both very sweet and touching. One was Patch Adams and the other was Mork and Mindy. The latter being the story of Robin's difficult start in filmdom. Both films were good. I have always liked Robin for his simple style and ingenuity.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

This, that and then nothing.

Why is it so difficult to get a gift for a guy? Either they don't like it or already have it. I cant figure it out.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

*Yawn* .... continued

Agreed i get to sleep a lot and its enviable.....but guess what...I got nothing else to do! Now more than ever I feel the need to organize my life. Got loads of time on my hands but nothing to do, well apart from normal daily chores. Its not easy sitting at home if u r a busy body.

I see it this way

- read lots of books
- get lots of sleep
- learn cooking ....seriously *wink*
- blog
- sit back and review life ....hmmmmm

- can't make money
- get bored
- empty mind is devils' workshop.........*evil grin*

Am thinking......deep thinking..........hey wait *yawn* there it is again, *yawn* sleep.......

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


If there's something I don't get tired of must be sleeping. No matter how much sleep I have I want more. Ever felt that way? I do all the time!


Monday, April 17, 2006

UnderWater Experience

Have never been fond of being in water but I love the creatures of the sea. Had been to the UnderWater World in Sentosa today. It was a breath taking experience. This was the first time, I saw a lot of deep sea creatures like shark, ray fish, and the magical sea angel. (Photos in Flickr - chk the right side link). And there was this really cute dogong a.k.a sea mermaid. It was a amazing collection of marine life. Being there was as if i had been transported into another world. Just like in abyss.

I was like a little kid awed by nature. U gotta see the size those tuna and other fish to believe it. Some them were so ancient looking. There is also an option for diving into the pool with the sharks and other types of fish. Wow! that must be fun. The colorful corals make a lovely picture. There was also a pink dolphin show which was very entertaining.

Ok more later. Chk out the underwater world home page

Saturday, April 15, 2006

But Why?

That's the question that haunts me everytime i hear there has been a blast in india or for that matter, anywhere else. Yesterday, 2 blasts occured in Jama Masjid area during the peak time of afternoon prayers. Many ppl have been injured. Why would anyone want to hurt innocent ppl? And what do they get out of it , I dont know!

With the same question, there's another situation. The senseless rioting in Bangalore. I wonder what the real reason is? When u respect someone very much, it should show in ur actions, but rioting is no way to do this. Anyway this is what i believe.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Celebrating India in Singapore

Indian embassy here is conducting a week long program for celebrating indian presence in s'pore. They have lined up a list of exhibitions for tourism, art, lifestyle and showcases of drama and films. Sharmila Tagore is here and many of her memorable films are being shown at the Ngee Ann Auditorium. There is also a culinary feast to finish it off. I really dont know if i want to go. This exhibition is more for the potential tourist and the ticket costs are high.

Talking about high cost of tickets, I guess I was also gobbled up by the exchange rate prb. Initially when I came here, every cost was translated into rupees. It was frightening to see the translated value but soon i came to realise the difference between living here and back home.

Going by the standard of living here, I would say S'pore is a very affordable place provided u earn in S$. Housing is pretty ok and so is food. Getting around is also easy cos the MRT connects very corner of S'pore. Clothing and branded items like cosmetics are on the higher side. But this is a great place for shopping. There's almost always some exhibition/sale going on at the S'pore Expo. Every shop has a clearance sale atleast twice a year and big sale promotions every month.

Its finally starting to clear up here, ok me goto go now. More later.


Popular contact lens solution manufacturer Bausch & Lomb had to remove their brand Renu from market after a spat of serious eye infections in Singapore and Hong Kong. This news seriously shook me up. As a lens user, I looked up to B&L as a reputed company and used its product but after this incident I dont know if anything other solution is safe. I believe law suits are being filed as upto 8 ppl have needed emergency surgery to restore their vision. Check out the story here and choose the right lens solution.

Elections are around the corner here, dailies are full of interviews and analysis. One good thing i notice is the people participation. MP interact with and answer questions of the voter and that's a good thing anywhere. Anyways me not understand politics. :)

Its pouring out there, I can hardly see the building opp to my flat. And the winds are howling mad. I better get going and close those windows before my sofa is all wet. Byye

Thursday, April 13, 2006

S'pore throu my eyes

I love Singapore. Its hot and happening. Like any other society, this place has its own traits. Some very much borrowed from the west and some unique to its culture, which of course is a mixture of malayan, chinese and indian cultures.

Like in the west one common obsession is "slimming down". Every mall has atleast 3 high profile spas or slimming centres. Full page ads in the dailies make sure u know what's new in this area. Also, this society is highly brand conscious. From designer jeans to desinger bags (esp Louis Vuitton), Chanel to Elizabeth Arden for cosmetics, u can get it all here. No wonder the whole of Bollywood shops here. Now, dont think am against this, no way. This just goes to show the standard of living is good here and ppl can afford these high profile stuff.

Some of the good things I like here are the superb infrastructure in community building - libraries, Housing Board flats, public services, social security, etc. One more thing is note worthy - communal harmony. Even though the majority is Chinese, u can see a lot of indian, malaysians, Fillipinos and Westerners. Its a very clean and green place.

More later.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Check out the following snaps I took during a storm here. Finally I could capture both the swriling clouds and the elusive lightning bolt.

Pleasant Memories

Yeah those were good times I had with my collegues back in chennai. It was a rocking team and full of life always. I remember we did more gossip than work :) I really do miss working there now. Anyway life moves and now am looking forward to new avenues and new challenges. Thanks guys for those good times.

Monday, April 10, 2006


One thing i love about Singapore is the variety of food. With hawker centres everywhere, you wont need to cook. Hardly anyone cooks here! Exploring the eating joints u will find everything from the highly popular KFC, McDonald's to the low cost, economical hawker centres. And from indian dosa, malayan curry, satay to the local sweet meat dishes. Its funny that most chinese and singaporean dishes have a very sweet flavour. There's a strange balance in the local food here. Boiled veggies with roasted duck or chicken is a grand fav. I also like the fish ball soup and the dumpling soup.

There r many more dishes i havent tired and have no intention of trying.....:) esp since they dont smell so nice to me. The shops stock a variety of dried food stuff u wouldnt imagine. I simply like to browse by the neighbourhood hawker shops and order something impromptu. As long as the stuff tastes good and doesnt contain any exotic stuff, am happy.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Of rainbows and bird watching.

Check out the beautiful rainbow i caught. Catching lighting streaks and rainbows is now my current passtime. This is helping me build my patience :)

Got a pair of binoculars recently. Wow! its fun to watch the ships docked and the planes landing and taking off chai chee airport. Got a "8 x" ZOOM pair so its quite powerful. But the problem is u got to have a steady hand. With full zoom, the binoculars gets very unstable and it needs to be rested on something for balance. Also tried taking snaps throu the binoculars. Gosh that required a lot of patience and a steady hand. Both which i lack but somehow it worked and the snaps came out ok.

Ok until later, happy bird watching

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Just not easy!

Yes, its just not easy.....wirting blogs. I wonder how some ppl r able to blog regularly. Perhaps i should blog impromptu. BTW looked up the never-failing google for some help and was rewarded with a big list of "blogging tips". Hopefully I get around this writer's block soon :)