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Friday, November 27, 2009

On Being a new mom....

Its surprising how much one can do faced with new challenges. I never used to think i can handle housework and a baby all by myself. It used to scare me no end when I was pregnant, but now it seems like I just worried too much. Nature has its way of equipping u with what is needed - whether that is giving u that extra energy or the loads of patience!! More than all this what u need is the positive mentality to handle all that comes ur way. Am thankful for the wonderful family support I have, without it I dont think i would have reached so far.

Though its one of the most gratifying things to be a can also be one of the most punishing jobs. Just when u feel like taking a nap, ur kiddo will scream her lungs out....or in the middle of the night get hyper active and start playing....!! Not only these, lots more things happen when u have a baby around...and my baby is just 3 months...there is more to come. I know I need to take it all in the stride and deal with it. Each day is a learning experience and a very humbling experience too.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New beginnings...

In these past 8 months that I havent blogged, a lot has changed. First, I went through a lovely phase of being pregnant and delivering my first child, a beautiful girl. And now, I have started a whole new chapter of my life with my new role as a mother.

Rite now, am just so thankful for all the things in my life - a wonderful, understanding husband, a lovely daughter and a loving family. My little bundle of joy has changed my life forever. Now, its no more just about me, its now about us :) By reviving this blog, I hope to continue sharing my thoughts and like any typical mother am gonna be talking baby all the time....he he!!! That's unavoidable I guess.

Like the many phases in my life, my blog too has its phases, of activity and absence. There is so much happening in my life now, so its only appropriate that I start blogging again.