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Thursday, September 13, 2007


We just had a second quake (first quake was yesterday evening 6 pm Singapore time) some time around 7:55 am Singapore time. Thanks to the old, creaky chandelier at home, we could make out it was a earthquake. Man! 2 quakes in such a short time....and this was my first experience first hand, i was definitely rattled. Previously i couldnt feel anything...but now sitting in my 10th floor flat i could feel the disorientation. I wonder how it is for the people of indonesia who r near the epicentre. Yday's quake was of strength 8.4 and today mornings is 7.7 on the Richter scale. Pretty big ones!

One thing i noticed, ppl here either didnt notice, or didnt bother. But there was this small set of ppl who religiously followed all we did :-). No matter how small the quake, it is always better to go out of the building...there is no point in regretting later. I just wish ppl take these situations seriously instead of shooing it off.