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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Price of wisdom!

Dont know why they named the third molars as wisdom tooth, but get them pulled out and u do get a bit wiser. I got my lower third molar pulled out 3 weeks back. All that excrutiating pain definitely made me feel like i was surviving hell!! Keep it and it pains, take it out and it pains even more.....Gosh!

Dont understand why this third molar comes up in the first place, when its not needed. Looks like docs r looking this question for a long time, anyways for something that's literally waste, its a costly affair. In singapore, getting your impacted tooth is one of the more costlier procedures....infact its considered surgery. Luckily i got mine removed in india for free but the followup checkups here in singapore cost me more than it costs to remove 4 molars in india!!

Anyways if anyone is interested in dentistry, singapore should be a good place to start :)