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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thoughts of a mother.

Its been 7 months since my lil darling was born, and each day has taught me new things - about her, about myself, about my spouse, about motherhood and mostly about life! There is absolutely nothing more precious than one's kids.

Though I love kids a lot, I find them real cute - why is it that I find my daughter more beautiful than any other kid I see...that's they inherent fault of motherhood, I guess. Some may not dare admit it, but I think all mothers have this feeling for their children.

My lil sugar bum has started sitting recently...and looks like she loves it...she just wants to keep doing just that. It may be a wonderful new experience for her, but for me, its time to pull out every pillow I have and build a fortress for her. There are so many hidden fears that are hard to put to rest. Everytime I see my lil one wobbling as she tries to sit properly, I want to rush and help her - but I stop myself, she has to learn things herself. All I can do is provide a safe and happy environment for her.

I admit, am not a patient person. I want things done "right now!". But as my daughter is teaching me now, a baby cannot do things on demand...she has her own mind and will. It is I who needs to go according to her.
After all, its me who needs to grow up first :)