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Thursday, June 07, 2007


Comfy couch, laptop with broadband, a host of tv channels, home cooked food....hmm what else do i need? Just another day in my life. Dhat! Am in the making couch potato...and rite now its ok.

Friday, June 01, 2007

what's up world?

I almost forgot I used to blogged ...(thanks N, cant believe u want to read my blog !!) Well, hi guys....

Watched Shrek 3 yday. Am not much of a Shrek fan, it was a ok movie. I felt the plot was weak and dont know if kids will understand many of the jokes....after its supposed to for kids rite!? But I definitely loved the graphics, it was so realistic....could even see the little stub on Arty's chin. Attention to detail was too good. Especially loved one scene showing the sea water receeding and Shrek and gang come ashore, it felt so real.

These 5 months was a quick rollercoaster through with the contract I took up (rather chucked it i should say), made a trip to my hometown and rite now having a great time discovering my new found cooking "skills".....

Anyways recently I have tried to consicously reduce the number of plastic bags when possible. Here in SG, many big stores have introduced "Bring your own bag" day. I think its a great start. Back home I wish something like this can be done. People dont realize how bad these bags can be.

ok that's all for now, got to go.