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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Back after a loooong break..

Not exactly back, but yeah am back to normal. Frustrations and tensions regarding work are slowly disappearing, am learning to cope well. [P.S : Thanks for ur encourgaement guys.] Kindof settled into a routine and that's good for me.

Ok, to some serious topic now. Lately I have been watching and reading about this reality show "Bigg Boss" (Big Brother concept). Initially I thought it would be fun to watch and was expecting a lot of masala. After about 6 weeks (or more I think) and lots and lots of masala, I think its a pity that these celebrities are going through this for money. There isnt one decent soul in that house. All are planning games and doing their best to throw the others out. Playing with emotions, manipulation and bitching are like second nature to these celebrities.

I used to think celebrities are just like you and me, common people. Now am not so sure which way to think, are these celebrities mean or all of us are like them one way or the other!?! For those who watch the show, you will know what I mean. Its very entertaining but yet its revolting. Cant imagine how people can choose to play games with others' emotions and trust just to win a game.

Anyways, whatever I think of it, am still hooked on to this show. Its a good way to know what not to do and how not to be.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Never did i think working will cause me this much stress. Right now, I just feel like leaving everything and go to some place far away. When i did get the job, i was happy that i could get over my interview fears but now am not so happy working. May be its not the work itself, its just the environment. The people, the pressure and the policies. But am trying to take it slow and work out things.

ok enough of blabbering, i guess i will finish here. btw took this snap at boat quay some time back. Loved the colors swaying in the water.