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Monday, November 20, 2006

Early to rise.....

Caught the early morning sunrise today. Feels so good to watch the sun paint the sky fiery orange. This spectacular "paint job" lasts just a few minutes and makes a great coffee time view.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Human Nature

[ Psst : Sorry my blog friends, I havent visited your blogs lately, will do it in the weekend]

There's a strange fun in observing other people in a crowded train or bus, atleast for me it is fun. On the way to work, which btw is, me rushing to catch the train and then the bus, I do get to spend some time by myself. I carry a book and sometimes even work on the su-do-ku in the paper but what I like to do is just look around. Observing people really fascinates me, it calms me infact.

Usually people are all hurrying in and out of the train, few have the time to stand and enjoy the day. Most of them with their in-dispensable I-Pods and cellphones faithfully stuck into their ears ( i wonder if they ever take it off!) and the music blasting so loud, u can hear it from 3 feet distance.....! Many burying their sleepy heads into the morning newspapers, trying to catch the news and the rest, well, what else sleeping. People here seem to be experts in cat-napping. They sleep in the train and bus even if their travel is just for minutes.

Some people have this annoying habit of talking loud whether they are shouting into their cellphones or having an conversation with a friend. Once or twice I have ended up sitting next to such people, and by gosh, I most lost my temper the last time. The guys was going on and on in his loud, shrill voice that I almost told him to shut up. But then he was too involved in his monologue to even notice my displeasure. Cant do much about such people and funny part is they are the ones who comment about how loud music puts them off.

You dont get much spice during the weekday rush but take a ride during the off hours and you will get to see a lot happening. Couples, mostly teenagers, will be busy with...lets say, each other and the elders would be giving them a stare, murmuring how things have changed. And then there are the gangs of boys and girls who think spikey hair, lots of piercings and wearing their already loose pants below their bums is a hep thing, can't blame them. They are so into it they dont notice they look ridiculous with their pants looking as if they will fall any time. And there are some eccentric characters too. People who dust their dresses just because their neighbours touched it, some who get so uncomfortable if a less fortunate soul sat next to them and often keep pulling themselves in the opposite direction.

The thing I hate most and dont ever what to be stuck with is a snoring, sweaty, falling-all-over sleeper. That's something I cant stand. There's already not much space once the seats are taken and to have a guy who's stinking as if he hasnt had a bath in years, falling all over you in his sleep is not what u want. I understand people are tired and want to catch a nap but that should never disturb others. Once I was stuck with such a guy but didnt get up as I was also drained out. I kept pushing him back but then, he kept faithfully bouncing back. Had to put up with it till my stop came.

Some people are plain inconsiderate - the moment they see a pregnant lady or an elderly person - they pretend to be sleeping and some kids dont bother with such courtesies, they just continue with their playstations or back to their gossip. But I must say, people here dont order you to get up and give the seat. Many offer their seats voluntarily and people dont fail to thank.

So many people and so little time. These were just a few observations I have made during my journeys. Let me continue with my observations and I hope you will share your views and experiences too.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Do u want to help Anna?

" is the new campaign by the Singapore National Committee for the United Nations Development Fund for Women, to create awareness about violence against females. Visit the site to improve the condition of the person suffering."

I read about this site in the morning newspaper and was very curious to know what it was. The site has some fictional character depicting some very real-life situations and the site provides a glimpse into the various absuses and pains these characters undergo everyday. And every visit is supposed to improve the condition of the character.

I found this to be an innovative way to make a positive difference. Though the pictures are bit graphic I think it will only help to make an impact on those visiting. Its a good thing such campaigns are being brought out and I hope such initiatives are taken in India and other countries also. I wish such campaigns would also extend to anybody who is vicitmized not just women. But anyway each of us can make a difference, by just being nice to ppl who are working for us be it the maid, or the watchman.